What’s Happening in Chester?

 Johnson Hill reclamation notice 2017

There is  still a WATER RESTRICTION in place for the town of Chester.  Residents are asked to conserve to be best of their ability until further notice.

Veterans Agent available the fourth Tuesday of each month from 12:30 to 3:30 p.m. at the Town Hall.  or call 413-587-1299

                                                                             MBI/COMCAST NEWS  

Currently Comcast is in the “make ready” mode, which means they have submitted requests to CMELD,  Eversource, and Verizon for certain information needed to firmly schedule construction time.  They expect to be ahead of schedule, with construction beginning by June/July, if all the information comes back in a timely manner.  Construction will not be a town by town project, but rather a “whenready” they will start, wherever that may be.  They need to apply for pole locations, and receive the proper licensing, all of which is in the works.  As for costs, the majority of users will fall under the “standard installation”, for which there is no cost.  For those with driveways over 100’ Comcast will contact the owners to deal directly with their acceptance/denial of service and the costs involved.Comcast asked that residents  be patient, that the things that are being done at this time are not something they can “see”, but they will keep in touch with the town about their starting date for construction.  They also expressed the opinion  that the “construction” period will take the least amount of time.  They will be using their crews from all over the Northeast to complete.   They expect to be ahead of schedule, which contracts them to be completely done by August of 2018. 

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               FINANCE COMMITTEE



                Chester Cultural Council News

The Chester Cultural Council welcomes artists, artisans, educators, lecturers and performers from Massachusetts to apply for state and town funding for cultural programs for the upcoming year.

The Cultural Council’s mission is to provide access, education, and diversity in the arts, humanities and interpretive sciences for adults, teens, and children in the community.

Applicants will be able to file their applications online at mass-culture.org or on paper. Paper applications should be mailed to Chester Cultural Council, 15 Middlefield Rd., Chester, MA 01011 and must postmarked no later than Thursday, Oct. 15th. for more information please call 354-7760 or contact the CCC at townofchester.net


Watts News July 2017

Interested in the Trails Project:  Go online to:

coordinator@wildscenicwestfieldriver.org for more information.

Chester Historical Society  www.chestermass.com