1/27/20 – Coronavirus Vaccination Locations

The Local Health Departments are pleased to share information about COVID vaccination clinics in Hampshire County. For years, we have been working together to establish plans for public health emergencies including mass dispensing. Our strong partnerships, annual exercises, and robust stockpile of supplies have proved to be extremely useful in our current response efforts.

We recently vaccinated our local first responders including police, fire, EMS, and dispatchers throughout Hampshire County. We have established an effective clinic model to safely and efficiently vaccinate members of the community. Although we would like to offer as many different locations as possible, the COVID vaccine storage, handling, administration and reporting requirements are significantly more complex than a traditional flu vaccine clinic. As a result, all vaccination sites will serve multiple communities from a region and must meet very specific requirements in order to receive vaccine.

At this time, we have two regional COVID vaccination clinics in Hampshire County:

The Bangs Community Center, 70 Boltwood Walk, Amherst

The Northampton Senior Center, 67 Conz Street, Northampton

The Department of Public Health has developed a vaccine distribution timeline and it can be found at: www.mass.gov
Both Amherst and Northampton sites have committed to provide vaccine distribution throughout all phases of the Commonwealth’s roll-out plan. Individuals who are eligible to receive the vaccine will be able to register via a link on the city websites:
Amherst: www.amherstcovid19.org
Northampton: www.northamptonma.gov/vaccineclinics

Additional clinics will be scheduled during the coming weeks based upon weekly federal and state allotments and will follow the phased guidelines as defined by The Department of Public Health.

Eligible individuals can register online for an appointment. We will also be offering the second dose of the Moderna vaccine on or after 28 days later to anyone who receives their first dose at our clinics. If individuals need assistance with online registration please call 413-587-1219 (Northampton) or 413-259-2425 (Amherst) and leave a detailed message. A health department representative will get back to you within two business days.

Please note that the vaccine is free to individuals and is being provided to the states by the federal government. Sites can bill for a small administration fee to cover the cost of running clinic and insurance information will be requested. However, no person will be turned away due to lack of insurance.

We look forward to assisting you,
Hampshire County Local Boards of Health