Transfer Station Hours

Wednesdays: 3:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Saturdays: 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Transfer Station Location

Emery Street

Transfer Station Rules

  • A Vehicle Permit is required to use facility to dispose of garbage and recyclables.The permit should be affixed to motor vehicle in clear view. There will be NO sharing of household stickers.
  • Transfer Station is for residents only with a valid permit, not for commercial use of ANY type.
  • Recycling is mandatory. Please ask dump attendant for information. The station accepts a large variety of items.
  • The Dump Attendant has the authorization to deny access for failure to have a household sticker attached to the vehicle in clear view.

View Trash Hauler Rules & Regulations

QUESTIONS? Please contact the Board of Health by phone at 413-354-7781 or email at

Transfer Station Rates

Effective 11/2011 (Rev. 12/9/19)
Permits to use the Chester Transfer Station for Town of Chester residents is $65.00 annually from 7/1/21 to 6/30/22. The sticker must be attached to your vehicle. If you have more than one vehicle in your household additional stickers can be purchased for $5 each. Stickers can be purchased in-person at the Transfer Station OR save time and purchase by mail.

Download 2021-2022 permit form here

Mail your check payable to the Town of Chester, 15 Middlefield Road, Box #4, Chester, MA 01011 (be sure to fill in your mailing address so we can mail your sticker to you) OR drop it in the black box outside of Town Hall, marked ATTN: BOH.

PLEASE NOTE: There is no pro-rating of permits.
EFFECTIVE MAY 19th, 2021: Bag Stickers: $3.00 each; Max Bag Size 33 gallons. Payable at the Transfer Station.

Disposal of Hazardous Products

New England Disposal Technologies, Inc. (NEDT) has 2 household hazardous product collection centers located in Sutton and Westfield, MA. Both centers are permitted to accept household hazardous products from businesses and households from any municipality in Massachusetts and certain adjoining states. Please see their website for recycling items that our transfer station does not currently accept.

Items NOT Accepted at Chester Transfer Station:
• Batteries 
• Fats, Oils & Greases 
• Hazardous Waste 
• Light Bulbs
• Propane Tanks
• Smoke Detectors
• Yard Waste
• Oil Based Paint 

What can I recycle at the Transfer Station?

Click here to find out what is considered recyclable.

• Download the Transfer Station Fee List as a PDF here


Drywall (used pieces only): $1.50 per cubic foot
Mattresses (any size): $30.00
Futon Mattress: $10
Boxsprings (any size): $30.00
Couches: $40.00
Chairs Upholstered/Recliners: $15.00
Chairs Regular: $5.00
Tables (Kitchen/Dining): $10.00
Tables (End/Coffee): $5.00
Doors (all types): $10.00
Toilet: $15.00
Bathtub/Sink/Showers (Plastic/Fiberglass/Porcelain): $15.00
Pick-Up Truck – Short Bed: $75.00 FULL
Pick-Up Truck – Long Bed: $100.00 FULL
NOTE: Consult dump attendant for pricing not listed. Debris will be measured $1.50 per cubic foot.

Tires – NO RIMS

Car, Motorcycle, Go Kart (less than 16″): $5.00
Car and Truck (less than 20″): $10.00


TV (all sizes): $20.00
Satellite Dishes: $3.00
PC Monitors: $5.00
Printers: $5.00
PC Desktops: $10.00
Laptops: $5.00
Video Recorders (VHS/DVD): $3.00
Microwaves: $10.00
Refrigerators: $20.00 – NO DOORS
Freon Appliances/Air Conditioners (Freon intact): $25.00
De-humidifiers: $10.00
Vacuum Cleaners: $5.00

Metal Items

Lawnmowers (riders) – no gas or oil: $20.00
Lawnmowers – no gas or oil: $10.00
Weed Whackers/Chain Saws – no gas or oil: $3.00
Stoves, Washers & Dryers: $20.00
Bathtubs (cast iron or steel): $15.00
Small Grill (tabletop size): $2.00
Large Grill: $5.00
*Consult attendant for any prices not listed.