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Office Phone: (413) 354-7735
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Chester Lock Box Program For Seniors

The Chester Council on Aging has ordered Home Lock Boxes. The purpose of these boxes is to assist Emergency responders in entering your home in case of an emergency. The Lock Box is small and hooks on the outside door handle to your home. Each individual Lock Box holds one of your house keys inside it. Each Lock Box is set with its own combination that only the Police and Fire Department and the person who owns the home will have access to.

It is meant to assist the Emergency Responders to get into your home to help you without breaking down your door. It can give you or your family peace of mind knowing that you can get help without damage to your home in any way. The Lock Boxes will be installed by our Chester Town Fire Chief, Henry Fristik. I have applications for each person, to be filled out with the Fire Chief upon installation. This is a free device and service to the residents of the Town of Chester.

There is a limited supply of Lock Boxes, so first come, first served. If you have any questions or wish to get a Lock Box installed, please call the Chester Council on Aging to give your name and address to the Director, Keirsen Broman, at 413-354-7735 or email at [email protected].

UPCOMING EVENTS – All Chester Seniors Welcome!

Tuesday, October 10: The Chester Council on Aging is seeking volunteers to serve on their new 5-member Senior Advisory Committee. This Committee will advise the COA Director Keirsen Broman and the Board of Selectmen on programs, activities, and policies for the Council on Aging. Seniors can nominate themselves or others. The Chester Board of Selectmen will appoint 5 people to the Senior Advisory Committee. If you would like to be considered for appointment by the Selectboard, please contact new COA Director Keirsen Broman at the COA in Town Hall, telephone number (413) 354-7735. Keirsen has appointment applications. She will also be accepting nominations on Tuesday, October 10, starting at 8:30am, during Foot Clinic.
Wednesday, October 11 at noon: Baked potato luncheon – Bring your favorite topping and enjoy with friends.
Tuesday, October 17 at 11am: Tea Party – Tea/coffee and snacks will be available. It’s a perfect time to spend with friends and chat.
Wednesday, October 25 at noon: Monthly pot luck – Bring your favorite dish or just come and eat and visit with those you haven’t seen in a while.
Tuesday, October 31 at noon: Halloween ice cream social! Ice cream, cookies and brownies.
Please call Keirsen at the COA (413) 354-7735 if you wish to attend and bring dish to share. Drop-ins are always welcome as well. We hope to see you there!!

Chester Senior Center Feasibility Study, April 2019

Download the feasibility study regarding construction of a new senior center.

R U OK? A Free Service for Seniors

Read more about this FREE service that could save your life!


Do you want to eat more fresh, healthy, and locally grown produce, but find it too expensive or difficult to get? If you receive SNAP (Food Stamps), or if you are eligible and willing to sign up for SNAP, you may be able to participate in a 10-week Hilltown-grown farm share that is 100% reimburseable through your HIP (Healthy Incentives Program) benefit! You can choose the right size share for your household and pick up your weekly assortment of local fruits and vegetables in Huntington or Worthington without spending any additional SNAP dollars. This “Hilltown Mobile Market” pilot program is available to Hilltown residents this summer and there are a limited number of spots open. To find out more about how to sign-up, go to or contact Caitlin Marquis at (413) 588-5562.