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2017 Municipal Deer Survey Report

In 2017, a team of researchers from Boston University reached out to municipalities regarding a Municipal Deer Survey. The survey collected information from town and city officials about the perceived status of deer populations, local concerns about deer, municipal bylaws that restrict hunting, municipal deer management strategies in use or under consideration, and the ways municipalities have learned about deer and deer management. Download the 2017 Municipal Deer Survey Report here.

Fee Schedule

(separate from State Filing Fees, Newspaper Public Notice and Potential Use of Consultants)

Notice of Intent (NOI)

  • $100 – work on single family lot; addition, pool, etc.; site work without a house; control vegetation; resource improvement; work on septic system separate from house.
  • $250 – construction of single family house; parking lot; electric generating facility activities; control vegetation in development.
  • $1000 – site preparation (for development) beyond Notice of Intent scope; each building (for development) including site; hazardous cleanup.

Abbreviated Notice of Resource Area Delineation (ANRAD)

$1 per square foot/$100 min/$1000 max

Request for Determination of Applicability (RDA)


Certificate of Compliance


Site Visit (separate from NOI/RDA/ANRAD/Certificate of Compliance)


NOTE: Checks should be made payable to Town of Chester, MA