Plumbing/Gas Inspector

Nicholas Chuisano
Aaron Poteat, Assistant Plumbing Inspector

Contact the Plumbing/Gas Inspectors

Contact Nicholas Chiusano for inspections by phone or email.
Nicholas: (413) 262-7919 or (413) 525-3345
Aaron: (413) 364-1273
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Electrical Inspector

John M. VanHeynigen

Contact the Electrical Inspector

Office: (413) 667-5742
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Click here to download and print your permit application.
A fine of two (2) times the permit fee will be required for proceeding with any work before any permit is granted or if any work is intentionally omitted on the application for permit. Separate permits are required as necessary for building, plumbing and gas.
There is a $25.00 paper application submittal fee.


Apply for a Permit Online

Instructions: Create an account in order to use the system by selecting *New User Register Here*. Once you have created your account credentials, login and click on the upper left button “New Application”. Select “Chester” and the appropriate Building permit to complete the application.Once your application is submitted, you can click on the “eye” icon () to view the status of your permit application. Permit applications are addressed quickly, but please allow at least 48 hours for your application to be reviewed.Town Staff will use the “chat” feature for any questions or to let you know if additional information or documents need to be uploaded. You can chat back by clicking on the bubble icon ().You can pay online after the appropriate Inspector reviews your permit and sets the status to “Ready for Payment”. Log back in and pay with an online check (your check routing number and account number), or credit card.After the permit is issued, you can log into your account here and print your permit.

Plumbing/Gas Inspection Fees

All Residential Plumbing and Gas Permit Fees: $75.00 per inspection
All Commercial Plumbing and Gas Permit Fees: $75.00 per inspection
Inspection Fees: All inspections are $75.00 per inspection. Example: If you are installing gas piping in your home there would be a rough gas inspection at $75.00 and a finish gas inspection at $75.00 therefore permit fee is $150.00.
Propane gas tanks, above ground and underground, require an inspection and permit from the Fire Department as well as the gas permit and fees.

NOTE: For residential gas permits – Two (2) inspections will be needed – rough and final. At final inspection all appliances must be up and running.
NOTE: Total BTUs must be noted on all gas permits.

Permit must be issued BEFORE ANY WORK BEGINS or triple fee will be charged.

Fee for reinspection (work not ready, no show, no access) shall be $75.00

Electrical Wiring Permit Fee Schedule

Download the fee schedule here. Effective November 1, 2019