3/12/20 – Coronavirus Update from Town Administrator and Selectmen

DATE: March 12, 2020 at 4:00pm
FROM: Town Administrator and Selectmen

Update on Covid-19
We would hope that everyone is working on taking preventative actions to lessen their chance of exposure. We have some updates we would like to share.

Town Hall will continue to be open the normal hours; you will be asked when you visit an office to sign in. That gives us the history of who has been in so if one of the employees comes down with the virus, we can contact you and let you know. Please if you have been ill and haven’t been symptom free for 48 hours don’t come to the Town Hall. Call or email and we will do the best to help you.

Hamilton Memorial is taking every precaution to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. We are disinfecting every item that comes in and out of the library. We will keep you updated on any possible cancellations in the near future on any current programs. For the safety of our patrons and staff, PLEASE do not enter the library if you or your children are experiencing any flu like symptoms. Thank you for your cooperation.

The COA has suspended programs for at least 30 days with the exception of the lunch program. The lunch program will continue, it will be a drive through packed lunch. Unfortunately, at this time we can’t allow inside dining due to risk of exposure.

To all our residents please start preparing yourself in case you must be quarantined. You need 14 days of food and any prescriptions you rely on. Do you have a neighbor or family member who can keep in contact with you in case of being quarantined? It’s time for all of us to help each other.

For all Gateway families, please go to Gateway’s website for the latest updates.

As you know information is changing daily, anytime you have questions don’t hesitate to call the Selectmen’s office and we will try our best to answer them: (413) 354-7760