Letter from the Selectboard – 7/1/20

The Chester Selectboard would like to thank all Chester voters who participated in Monday night’s Annual Town Meeting. In these unprecedented times, we are all doing our best to keep the town running effectively, and your attendance at this meeting – with masks on and practicing social distancing – was the most effective tool in doing so.

The Board also wishes to offer our deepest appreciation to the town employees and elected officials who have continued the daily business of Chester. In particular, we are grateful for those folks who have been in Town Hall, day after day, working their regular hours and more while keeping things sanitized and safe. It can be difficult to operate a small town in the best of times, so now, in the worst of times, it’s a true testament to the level of dedication we enjoy from those who answer phones and emails, keep the steady stream of paperwork up-to-date, make sure the bills get paid, and maintain the constant juggling act that goes with running a business the size of a town.

Life is an unending course of change. How well we adapt to that inevitability determines how we get through it. Thus far we have negotiated the challenges of COVID-19 quite well, and because of the amazing, committed people who work on the behalf of our town, we anticipate seeing our way through the pandemic and beyond. We truly are Chester Strong!