Annual Town Election

The annual Chester Town Election will be held on Saturday May 1st. The following offices are up for election and Nomination Papers must be picked up from the Town Clerk’s office by March 24th completed by obtaining 20 valid active Chester voters and returned to the Town Clerk by March 26th.

Selectman: 1 (3) year term
Library Trustee: 2 (3) year term
Board of Health: 1 (3) year term
Board of Assessor: 1 (3) year term
School Committee: 1 (3) year term
Electric Light Commissioner: 1 (3) year term
Moderator: 1 (2) year term

Anyone can run for any office all you have to be is a valid active voter and care about Chester. If you are interested in picking up a Nomination paper, please either call (413) 354-6603 leave your name and phone number. Please repeat your phone number as sometimes it cuts out of the message. You can email me at [email protected] and put the same info and I will make an appointment to meet with you. One needs just 20 signatures that can be read and are valid active voters. I suggest you get as many as possible maybe 30 in case someone is inactive or not a registered voter.