Tax Bill Notice

Last year the Chester Assessors Department went through a software conversion for all properties. It was discovered in December that there were several discrepancies in converted property data, so Tax Bills going out the 1st of January were prepared with the prior year’s tax rate and assessed values. In January and February this year, the Assessors Department reviewed Chester’s property values and adjusted to correct errors and upgrade values to Fair Market Value. Most properties will now have higher values to be in compliance with state mandated fair market value requirements. Due to valuation adjustments, the Tax Rate came down by 21 cents per thousand. If your tax bill is higher, it should be noted it reflects the increase for the 1st three months of this year, added to the 2nd three months (since there was no increase in the January billing).

If you feel your assessed property value is higher than fair market value, you can file for an abatement. The abatement period for Chester has been extended to May 1st. Taxes must be paid in full before your real estate abatement application can be accepted. Once your abatement request is received, the Assessors Department will schedule a visit to your property to re-evaluate the assessed value. If your property assessed value is adjusted downward, a refund check will be mailed to you.

Abatements are to be filed with the Assessors office; forms can be found here. All abatement questions should be addressed to the Assessors office. Chester’s Assessors Department thanks you for your patience during this software upgrade period.

To reach Laura at the Assessors office: Call (413) 354-6318, Mondays and Tuesdays 10am to 5pm, or email [email protected].