Public Hearing: Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Chester Conservation Commission – Legal Notice – Public Hearing

The Chester Conservation Commission will be holding a public hearing on Wednesday, April 6th at 5:00 PM at the Chester Town Hall, 15 Middlefield Rd, Chester, MA
To review a: Notice of Intent (NOI)
Submitted by Environmental Partners on behalf of the Town of Chester BOS (property owner).

The proposed project consists of a series of stormwater infrastructure improvements along the Prospect Street and Soisalo Road in Chester, Massachusetts. The intent of the project is to improve drainage infrastructure as a means of mitigating the persistent localized flooding in the project area. Impacts of the proposed work are limited to stormwater improvements which consist of replacement or installation of culverts, drainage swales, and rip rap, and pavement restoration. The proposed stormwater infrastructure result in no increase in impervious cover and make no alterations to the project area outside of targeted drainage infrastructure improvements.

This hearing is in accordance of M.G.L.131 S40 of the Mass Wetland Protection Act.