Energy Committee Volunteers Needed

The Chester Select Board is looking to establish and appoint an Energy Committee with the input from the Chester Municipal Electric Light Commissioners, such committee to consist of 5 town residents working on a voluntary basis, for the purpose of reviewing opportunities to reduce the energy costs by generating green energy (solar, wind and hydro), investigating the possibility of storing energy for peak periods utilizing advanced battery technology. Preparing estimates of investments required to generate power, seeking grant opportunities, and reviewing the advantages, disadvantages and feasibility of merging the Chester Municipal Electric Light Department with a larger electric utility company. The committee shall be appointed within 30 days, shall elect its own chair and shall report its initial findings and recommendations at a Special Town Meeting in the fall of 2022. If you are interested in being appointed to the Energy Committee, please send a letter of intent to the Selectmen at Chester Select Board, 15 Middlefield Rd, Chester MA 01011 or email it to [email protected], titled “Energy Committee Appointment”.