Letter from Kathe Warden – August 3, 2022

As I tidy things in the office I felt the need to write this letter.

To the residents of Chester: Thank you for giving me the last 3.5 years to serve you as your Town Administrator. Everything I did, was to make Chester that much better of a place for you. I have seen so many of you, truly in love with this community, and I hope that feeling will continue to grow throughout the town. It will only make Chester that much better.

To the staff of Chester: We have been through some tough times but also some amazing times. We supported each other through COVID, town meetings, road washouts and broken water mains and still could laugh. The community is so very blessed to have this committed staff.

To all the Select Board members: You took a chance on me and I am so grateful that you did! So in closing I have to say thank you.

I will not say goodbye but see you later.

Peace and Blessings and continue to be Chester Strong!