New Chester Council on Aging Director Amps Things Up

Chester Town Hall welcomes new Council on Aging (COA) Director Keirsen Broman. She is young, but she is driven to bring the Senior Center back in full force, with a November line up that will keep seniors active with crafts, pot lucks, and clinics throughout the month. Keirsen believes that activities, clinics and socialization plays an important roll in keeping the seniors healthy, mind, body and spirit.

Each day the Council on Aging is open to seniors to come and have lunch, craft together or just meet with a friend for a nice cup of tea/coffee. Mondays the COA is open 9am-1pm, Tuesday through Friday the COA is open from 9am-3pm. All seniors are welcome at any time. In November, Keirsen has added another lunch day to the week. Highland Valley Elder Service out of Northampton provides “Meals on Wheels” lunch service for our seniors. The COA will be having lunch delivered Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of every week. With the exception of viewed Holidays. It is easy to sign up, call Keirsen at the COA office number (413-354-7735), and she will get you all set within minutes. It is a huge help to have meals available for those we care about, at little to no cost. Especially with the rising prices of groceries and many other things. Donations are always welcome but not necessary. These meals are cooked by highly trained chefs at the Northampton site, planned by their nutritionist and delivered with care. Chester Council on Aging has “Grab N Go” available along with eat in dining. Each day there are 2 meal choices available for the picking. Lunches are delivered each day around 11:45am-12pm and ready to go in minutes.

Here are some upcoming events for next month, mark them on your calendar and make a plan with a friend or a group of friends to join in. Starting in November, every Thursday the COA will be having quilting/crocheting/knitting days! If you have unfinished projects that you want to accomplish, bring it in and work on it with a friend. Or work on your project with friends around to sit and chat and enjoy the company of other seniors in town.

Monday, November 6, there will be a Flu/COVID Vaccine Clinic in the auditorium of the Chester Town Hall from 10am to 12pm. Register before you come in by calling: 413-587-1314, or go online at:

Tuesday, November 7 is the COA’s first Advisory Board meeting, during our monthly Tea Party starting at 11am. The Selectmen have voted on 5 people to the Advisory Board to help make decisions for the COA based on the senior’s wishes and/or complaints. All seniors are welcome to attend. Come and sit in to listen and have a nice warm cup of tea/coffee and enjoy baked goods and let us know what you would like to see happen in the COA. All voices matter, we can’t make the senior center work without the seniors!

Wednesday November 8 is the Veteran’s Day Lunch at the Chester Common Table at 12noon. The COA has hosted the Veteran’s Day Lunch for the past couple years, it has been very successful. At no cost to our guests! This is our “Thank You” to the veterans for fighting for this country, and also a time to remember and say “Thank You” for those who didn’t make it back home and gave the ultimate sacrifice. Please RSVP to Keirsen at the COA (413-354-7735) by November 3rd.

Friday, November 10 we are having our 1st Jewelry Making Day starting at 11am. Come craft and make something for a Christmas/Birthday gift for someone special or just for yourself!

Tuesday, November 14 is our monthly Foot Clinic but we also will have a Blood Pressure Clinic at 10am-11am and SHINE counselor from 10am-11:30am! All are welcome for the Blood Pressure Clinic and to sit with the SHINE counselor. Those that have a Foot Clinic appointment, can get all 3 services in the same day!! We have added a 2nd Foot Clinic Day to the month, so all can get the service. It is by appointment. So check in with Keirsen and see the availability and pick a time for yourself, it is just $20 for a half hour, but well worth it.

Wednesday, November 15, Highland Valley Elder Service will be sending their nutritionist to the COA for a talk at 11am, on nutrition and the myths about certain facts that we not even know about. No appointment needed, just come on in and ask questions if you have any.

Friday, November 17, we are opening the COA for monthly Movie Days at 12:30pm!! Popcorn and drinks will be available. Come have lunch first then stay for popcorn and a movie!

Tuesday, November 21, even though it is a holiday week, we will be having a Pizza Party! Take a break from baking and cooking and come in and have a slice or 2 and visit with friends before everyone goes away for the holiday.

Tuesday, November 28, is the COA Craft Day at 12:30pm, we will be painting for the Holiday season. There are limited seats available. So please reserve a seat for yourself at the COA: 413-354-7735.

Finally to finish out the month, on Wednesday, November 29, the COA will be having the monthly Pot Luck. This month we will be doing a “Hot Pot” Pot Luck with soup, chowders and chili! If you have a favorite dish or just want to come enjoy a warm bowl during the cold days that lay ahead.

We hope to see you all at the COA! All the events so far have been full of laughter, joy, and a full room of visitors/guests and, of course, yummy food! If at any time there are questions, please call our new Council on Aging Director, Keirsen Broman, at 413-354-7735 or you can email her at [email protected]. For all updates or cancellations, please refer to the Town of Chester website. Thank you all and I hope to meet you soon!!