Chester Lock Box Program For Seniors

The Chester Council on Aging has ordered Home Lock Boxes. The purpose of these boxes is to assist Emergency responders in entering your home in case of an emergency. The Lock Box is small and hooks on the outside door handle to your home. Each individual Lock Box holds one of your house keys inside it. Each Lock Box is set with its own combination that only the Police and Fire Department and the person who owns the home will have access to.

It is meant to assist the Emergency Responders to get into your home to help you without breaking down your door. It can give you or your family peace of mind knowing that you can get help without damage to your home in any way. The Lock Boxes will be installed by our Chester Town Fire Chief, Henry Fristik. I have applications for each person, to be filled out with the Fire Chief upon installation. This is a free device and service to the residents of the Town of Chester.

There is a limited supply of Lock Boxes, so first come, first served. If you have any questions or wish to get a Lock Box installed, please call the Chester Council on Aging to give your name and address to the Director, Keirsen Broman, at 413-354-7735 or email at [email protected].