Current Board Openings

The Town of Chester seeks interested parties that would like to serve on a number of town boards or apply for various positions for Fiscal 2019. Please send inquiries to Chester Board of Selectmen, 15 Middlefield Road, Chester, MA, or email to, or call 413-354-7760. The following appointments are available:

Planning Board, Building Commissioner, Plumbing Inspector, Electrical Inspector, Historical Commission, Tax Title Custodian, Highway Superintendent, Fire Chief, Forest Fire Warden, Emergency Management Dir., Town Accountant, Town Administrator, Asst. Town Administrator/Highway Asst., COA Director, FRTA representative, Director of Parks & Trails, Wild & Scenic Advisory Board, Conservation Commission, Jacob’s Pillow Trail Scenic By-Law Committee, Cemetery Commissioner, Wardens, Board of Registrars, Budget representative to GSD, PVPC Delegate, COA Advisory Committee, Green Community Committee, Disability Commission.