Minor Recycling Changes Take Effect July 1

Shredded paper and aerosol cans will no longer be accepted
As of July 1, 2020, shredded paper will no longer be acceptable in western Massachusetts’ household/municipal paper recycling program. Going forward, the best way to get your confidential documents recycled is to bring them to area businesses (e.g. copy shops, office supply, shipping stores, and local banks) for secure shredding.

Clear plastic cups and egg cartons will be considered acceptable
As of July 1, 2020, crystal clear plastic cups (printed OK) will be considered acceptable in municipal recycling. Remove lids and straws and place them in a trash receptacle. Other plastic cups, such as polystyrene (#6 plastic), colored “keg” cups, and opaque (cloudy) plastic cups, are not acceptable for recycling and must go in the trash.

Starting on July 1, clear plastic egg cartons will be o cially accepted. Paper & Styrofoam egg cartons are not accepted in municipal recycling, but are o en reused by backyard chicken farmers.

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