Unfilled Elected/Appointed Positions

The Town of Chester needs candidates for the following unfilled elected/appointed positions:
• Conservation Commission – 2 positions
• Council on Aging – 1 position
• Finance Committee (Moderator will appoint) – 1 position
• Personnel Committee – 2 positions (This Committee is being formed to help vet potential appointees and new hires in various departments.)
• Cemetery Commissioner – 1 position
• Board of Health – 1 position
• Assessors – 1 position and 1 anticipated position as of 8/1/19

The main qualification for any of these positions is a desire to give of your time, energy, and focus to benefit the Town of Chester. Any additional qualifications for a specific position will be most welcome. Most of the positions receive a stipend, but some do not.

For a more comprehensive description of what each position entails, please contact Town Administrator Kathe Warden via email here.

Your town needs you and this is an opportunity for you to be part of Chester’s ongoing story. Thank you.