CWIC Advisory Board have completed their initial training phase & with leadership of our water consultant, Dr. Rich Gullick. We have developed the transformative strategic plan to secure & sustain Chester’s water future.

A parallel Study conducted by UMASS/Amherst was simultaneously performed.

CWIC continues its evidence based research/review of Best Practices under direction of Dr. Gulick and will advise/recommend to the Board of Selectman/Water Commissioners, as appropriate.

The ongoing priority is improved water quality.

The Committee has identified the following areas to be addressed:

  • Annual hydrant flushing, utilizing recruited/trained volunteers
  • Annual Reservoir cleaning
  • Analytic data capture for real-time assessment of the application of disinfectant (i.e. chloride)
  • Explore UMASS/DEP Intern training partnership
  • Inventory of Department assets and projection of working life/replacement
  • Effectiveness of management structure


Bob Daley, Chair
Nicholas Chiusano
James Higby
Elizabeth Massa
Steve Salvini
Rick Stone
Lora Wade


Meetings are held monthly and will be posted on the website.