Fun Things To Do in Chester

  • Town of Chester & Recreation Committee are sponsoring a Jack-O-Lantern Night & Rag Shag Parade – Friday evening, November 1st at Town Hall. Your jack-o-lanterns can help us line Main Street and there will be a costume parade for children and parents. Trunk or Treat after parade, cider and donuts and more. More details to come!!! WOULD YOU LIKE TO HELP? Call Kathy 413-374-3578 or Kathe 413-354-7760

News from the Tax Collector

The Tax Collector's office will be closed from 9/19/19 until 10/6/19. If you are having an issue with your license or registration please call the Deputy Collector, Art Jones at 413-527-2388. If you need an MLC due to a closing, by MGL due to the size of the community we have 20…

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Pay Your Bills
You can pay real estate, personal property tax, and your electric bill online. You can also request Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates, as well as Dog Licenses. NO MOTOR VEHICLE. These will open in a new window.

Electric Bill Real Estate & Personal Property Birth/Marriage/Death Certificate Dog License